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Famous Mexican Fashion Designers

Mexico is known for it’s rich culture and lively designs. The traditional patterns, bright colors and indigenous textiles have influenced the aesthetic of many famous Mexican designers. Time and time again, we’ve seen their designs walk down the runway, leaving us struck by their beauty.

At Maria Bonita, we know a thing or two about high quality Mexican fashion – just take a look at our Instagram. As the Latin inspired looks start to take over fashion week, here are some of the most famous Mexican designers you should follow:


Marcario Jiménez

Possibly the most well known Mexican fashion designer, Jiménez burst onto the scene in 1994. His high luxury brand enticed women with their ultra-feminine silhouettes and high quality fabrics. Born in Guadalajara, Jiménez’s attention to detail and quality quickly made him an international name in the fashion industry.


Carla Fernández

Noted for her traditional patterns and lively colors, Fernández’s pieces are a tribute to Mexican culture. She is not only inspired by the traditional textiles, she actively works to protect them. By supporting eco-friendly production and economic development, her Taller Flora workshop works with the indigenous communities to preserve their legacy. She literally weaves Mexican history into her clothing.


Pineda Covalín

Designers Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalín collaborate on fun and beautiful designs with touch of Mexican flare. Their bright and bold silk designs appeal to women with eclectic taste. Inspired by the colors and shapes of pre-hispanic Mexico, they incorporate history, myths and legends of their country into the designs that adorn their ties, scarves and blouses.


Alejandra Quesada

Known for her whimsical patterns, Quesada’s designs are often described as something that stepped out of a colorful dream. The influence of her home country seeps into her style, which is also influenced by stories, books and movies. Her pieces reflect the girlish and womanly identities that lie in every woman, combining sophistication with a gentle playfulness that is both unexpected and welcomed.


Marika Vera

If you want to slip into something a little more comfortable, Vera’s designs consists sophisticated lingerie that make women feel sensual and empowered. Focusing on delicate designs with luxurious fabrics, her goal was to create loungewear and bodysuits that can be worn outside the bedroom.

All of these Mexican fashion designers are inspired by their home country’s culture, but each one bring their own unique taste and style to the runway. Are there other designers you think we should look out for? Let us know in the comments!

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