Having a great-looking body is something every woman desires. A healthy body goes hand in hand with looking fantastic. When we are healthy our skin glows, our eyes sparkle, our body feels clean and full of energy. Ever notice how when you are eating healthy it shows outwardly and in your attitude. Looking great is a boost to the self-esteem and mood of women. How can women feel wonderful and capture the elusive healthy body they crave? Incan/Mayan super foods will lead you on the journey to a healthful new you. Here are five super foods that will make you feel great.


Quinoa: This food is derived from seeds, although some people may think it’s a grain. It has the texture of rice but has many health benefits for you. It is high in protein which is important for women since they often don’t get enough. Getting enough of lean protein makes you leaner. Also, this super food contains vitamins and flavanois. Mix quinoa with seasonings, chicken, vegetables, or eat it plain for a flavorful side dish.


Kiwicha: This food looks similar to quinoa but it’s smaller. High in protein, it also delivers more complete amino acids and is filled with zinc, magnesium, and copper. This delectable super food is said to boost your immune system, reduce high blood pressure, and stabilizes blood glucose levels.




Chia seeds: You can find this food in the section of the grocery store where grains, rice, and beans are sold. This little seed packs a big benefit for a burst of energy for those who consume them. Actually, in the ancient times consuming these seeds in small quantities would energize the Aztec warriors. You may be wondering how you eat these. You can mix them in anything just for the nutritional benefit, but they are especially popular mixed in smoothies or sprinkled in a bowl of cereal.




Lucuma fruit: This fruit comes in a powder form and delivers iron, zinc, calcium, beta carotene, and more to your system. People like to mix it in their smoothies, desserts, and yogurts.




Pichuberry: Want to look younger? This fruit is said to help fight the aging process. With 20 times the amount of vitamin C your immune system gets pumped. If you struggle with high blood sugar, this fruit combats it by helping your body produce more insulin. That’s not all it does either. Packed full of nutrients it helps the liver and lungs too.





Feel your best and look better when you eat the super foods inspired by the Incan/Mayan culture. Connect with us today to discover a healthier you!

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