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Coolest Accessories for Your Next Happy Hour

Whether your happy hour is with colleagues or your girlfriends, you can make an impression with cool accessories. Attention-getting accessories will help inspire further conversation. This can be great in business situations with other women. While you will talk business at these happy hours, you can also talk about fashion and develop a closer relationship with either colleagues or clients. There are a few areas that you can look at to add some cool accessories.

Add these cool accessories to inspire conversation at your next happy hour:

– Purses

There are so many purse designs out there that you are sure to find one, or more, that matches with your personality. This is a great conversation-starter among women. Whether chatting with your girlfriends or business colleagues, a unique purse is sure to grab attention.

– Jewelry

Another area where you can dress up your wardrobe is with your jewelry. Add in some fun earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings to your happy hour outfit. Jewelry is another great conversation-starter among women. This will help foster a closer relationship with the women you’re meeting for happy hour.

– Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another great piece to add to your happy hour outfit. This is especially true if you are sitting outside during your happy hour. A unique pair of sunglasses will also gain attention and have women asking you where you got them. This is also a great way to talk about more than just business and foster closer relationships. Not to mention that you’ll look cool during your happy hour.

– Shoes

Shoes are another great conversation-starter among women. Wear some unique shoes to your happy hour and they are sure to gain attention from the others.

– Belt

You could also accessorize your happy hour outfit with a unique belt. Add in some colors to make it stand out and show another side to you.

– Hair accessories.

Hair accessories are another great addition to your happy hour outfit. Colorful hats or barrettes will not only keep the hair out of your face, but also gain the attention of the other women in  your happy hour group.

When adding accessories to your happy hour outfit, why not make them unique and original? Check out our store for some great ideas on how to spruce up your outfit!

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