Mexico City is hot right now. If a South of the Border vacation is calling your name, then pack up your bags and grab a flight. Don’t forget your stellar swimsuits and accessories!


Once you get to Mexico City, take a dip in your hotel pool and then hit the town for some delicious authentic Mexican food. If you think that tacos are the only option, boy are you in for an amazing surprise!


From world-renowned chefs to hyper-local cuisine, you’ll get a taste of Mexico that you’ve never before imagined. While you’re in Mexico City, make sure you check out the following restaurants:


El Bajio


Run by stellar female chef Carmen “Titita” Ramirez Degollado, El Baji serves incredible meals, all starting with an impeccable selection of mini tamales and fried masa gorditas. Titita employs only a female staff and works to train women to run their own kitchens, so when you support El Bajio, you support a phenomenal network of empowered women. Like the women who work in the burgeoning Mexico textile industry, these women are recognizing an opportunity to have a better life in their home country.




No one can mention cuisine in Mexico City without Pujol. In fact, Pujol is one of the main restaurants that put Mexico City on the foodie world map in the first place. With Enrique Olvera at the helm of this acclaimed eatery, you’re in for a real treat – if you can manage to find a table.


While Pujol is amazing, you’ll definitely need an advance reservation if you want to dine here so last minute vacationers may not have much luck at securing a spot.




Step into the cafeteria like dining room and instantly feel like a local in this amazing Azcapotzalco restaurant run by Chef Gerardo Vazquez Lugo. Family and local favorites are always on the menu at Nicos.


Additionally, Lugo is a leader in the Slow Food movement, so you can know that your foods are local, organic and earth-friendly. Not only will the meal fill you, but you’ll feel great for supporting such a great cause, similar to when you support locally sourced and crafted Mexican textiles.


Whether you’ve got a long weekend or a sprawling vacation, stock up on essentials for visiting Mexico City and bring a big appetite!




Image: Pujol Restaurante.

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