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How to Wear Colors Even When You are not into Colorful Clothes

We tend to get stuck in colors that are in our comfort zone, but there are many different color options that you can explore. This can be an intimidating process and it can be hard to search through the different color options to find what will look best on you. Why not step outside of your comfort zone and explore additional colors? You may find something that looks great on you during the process. A major consideration is your skin tone.

How to find colors that look good on you:

– Your skin tone is considered warm.

For a warm skin tone, your hair color can range from dark blonde to dark brown. Your skin tone has an undertone that is greenish or yellowish. Those with an olive complexion are also considered warm. Your go-to colors are orange, red, golden yellow, honey gold, amber, warmer greens and blues, green moss, pesto, fern, deep turquoise and red-purples. You should avoid icy shades and jeweled tones.

– Your skin tone is considered cool.

Your hair color can range from very dark to light blonde. Your skin tone has a bluish undertone and can range from very fair to very dark. Your go-to colors are royal blue, bright blue, sapphire, amethyst, emerald, lavender, lilac snow, deep purples, shocking pink, ruby, cerise and bright rose. You should avoid oranges and yellow.

– Your skin tone is considered neutral.

Your hair color is a combination of colors such as brown with warmer tones or blonde with ashy streaks. Your eye color is hazel and your skin tone is hard to determine. Your go-to colors are dusty pinks, light peach, soft rose, placid blue, peony pink, cameo green and jade green. You should avoid anything to bright or vibrant that is overwhelming such as reds and yellows.

By taking your skin tone into consideration, you no longer need to fear different colors. This information will help you pick out clothing that is flattering to your complexion and you will be able to wear it with confidence. Visit our website to take a look at some different colorful options to try. We have many options available in all colors to fit you for your summer, vacation and everyday wear plans.

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