Our Lifestyle is Fashion, Our Hobby is Traveling…


We are two Mexican sisters that completed our Fashion careers in Paris, Milan and London. Fashion for us, is a lifestyle and a way of expression of each person. We love traveling, getting to know new places, cultures, traditions and people!


Our Country, Mexico, has a unique value and wealth. This is how MARIA BONITA was inspired …

With great enthusiasm we tell a story about what Mexico is: culture, people and lifestyle. Over the centuries our way of dressing and living has evolved, we love finding Mexican designers who have succeeded in modernizing the traditions of our Country with current fashion trends.


MARIA BONITA is a store where a mixture of handcrafts and new designs are presented creating the perfect mix. Collaborating with the most well-known Mexican brands and Artisans, we aim to offer cool, trendy and traditional options to open up the perspective of what Mexico and its people have to share.


Hope you love and enjoy it as much as we do!!