Maria Bonita Concept Store came alive in 2015 with an idea to showcase the beautiful designs & art that Mexico has had for centuries. Two sisters travelled around Mexico to meet every designer & artisans responsible for these amazing creations that were so hidden within local fairs or small towns that only the locals could appreciate. Their passion for their Country grew stronger and they wanted to show the world everything that Mexico has to offer. 

Vibrant colors, beautiful hand made designs that for them is not only a piece of clothing but a work of art that carries years and years of family history and traditions. 

In every state of Mexico there are different kind of art that showcase their unique culture and traditions. The variations are infinite from woven dresses or shirts from pieces of art made with shakira or painted by hand, every little detail is tough and inspired by the ancestors believes and religious traditions. Every piece take at least a week to be made and it's made only by one person to keep the sequence of its imagination and inspiration.

All of this different pieces have been passed by generation of family that have being inspired and have this artistic passion of making it feel natural for the rest of the family. 

We hope you enjoy each piece and love it as much as we do,


Welcome to a little piece of Mexico!