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Visiting Mexico? Check out our Favorite Places in Distrito Federal!

Planning a trip to Mexico? Want a chance to experience the culture and beauty of the country while feeling like a local? Then, read on for our favorite places in Distrito Federal! We’d love to share the awe of Mexico City with you – and make sure that when you pack your bags, you include your best Maria Bonita clothes so you feel right at home in our vibrant city!

1. Xochimilco

This area is known for its floating gardens – over 50 miles of canals intertwine throughout the mayoralty of Xochimilco. You can ride onboard a colorful trajinera (a gondola-like boat) to explore the canals, taking in the sights from the water. It’s a unique and fun experience as mariachi bands play and vendors along the canals – some even on the floating gardens – sell tacos and other treats. There is also a wildlife preserve you can visit!

2. Museo Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is one of the stunning, larger-than-life artists to come from Mexico. Her vivid style and defiant ways make her fascinating and an exciting figure. Her home, the Casa Azul, now functions as a museum. You won’t find much of her famous artwork here, but instead a carefully preserved glimpse into her life – including her extensive collection of Mexican folk handicrafts. An audio tour is available to guide you through the house.

3. Palacio de las Bellas Artes

This unique and stunning building is a blend of Art Nouveau and Neoclassical styles. Inside, the marble interior is primarily Art Deco, and it houses one of the most important cultural centers in Mexico. Art exhibits, ballet and theatrical performances all occur within its walls. Massive murals by many famous Mexican artists, including Diego Rivera and Siqueiros, fill the building. It is well worth a visit – and catch a performance if you can!

We hope that these places will be on your list of spots to visit when you come to Mexico City! Of course, there are countless things to see and do and places to eat while you are here, but take it from us – these three should be high on your priorities! Be sure to bring your best Maria Bonita clothes and accessories along so that you can feel right at home. Who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to stay! We wouldn’t blame you!


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